A charismatic coach can make you achieve greatness :

Coaching performance is critical in order swimmers to achieve a set of goals and to reach their full potential .

Coaching charisma and leadership can define the outcomes of the competitive season or cycle and can affect individual performances .

How do I define charisma: In my own terms I can define coaching charisma as the ability of the coach to provide answers and solution to athletes without even being asked a question or have a present problem. Is this unique ability of a coach to guide swimmers through difficulties and walk with them side by side as their companion for a long lasting quest that no one knows when and how will end. Likewise, coaching charisma is highlighted by exceptional sacrifices and efforts that build prosperous future heroes  that will make difference in the life’s of others .

By  looking at the mannerism and the communication skills of a coach,  I can normally sculpture the sporting attitude and mindset of his/ hers swimmers and identify the culture of the coaching program that they come from .

Charismatic coaches do not provide hope to their swimmers, for me hope symbolizes failure, for example people are often hoping that by winning a lottery ticket all their problems will disappear and will live happily ever after, winning the lottery for sure can resolve financial problems however cannot guarantee that will help individuals to reach their objectives. Hoping on getting a better high paid job without trying to improve your culture, daily habits, regimes and interaction with others will only lead to stress overload and continuous struggling for something that is just based on illusion. So, charismatic coaches do not provide hopes to their swimmers, they provide them with the means to sculpture not only their training regimes but also to make their life more fruitful. Having more fruitful life can equal to a never give up behaviors and will craft future winners.

A charismatic coach will not be bothered by the behaviors and attitudes of the individuals that surround his/her daily life. Will have the affinity to constantly face the facts and will set a working notion without restrictions that will lead to limitless possibilities that can form the culture and the values of individual or groups.

A charismatic coach will be able to say a big NO to traditional methods and training regimes and will provide revolutionary and innovative solutions to individual swimmer’s needs. Additionally, he/she will have two distinctive characteristics, the one will mark the characteristics of the his/hers training program and the other will mark the attitudes of his/her swimmers. These distinctive characteristics must be achieved through complimentary work that will add value to any coaching system and this work will be signified by consistent meaningfulness which will highlight individual qualities and skills.

I was lucky enough that the past years I was able to work in various countries such as Italy, U.K., U.S.A and Greece alongside some really charismatic coaches. These individuals made me understand that certain training plans and programs will provide me with certain results and the detailed analysis of individual’s training can lead me to optimize individual performance, however they also made me realize that daily activities can be captivated by self-searching for the perfect plan can lead to failure. Occasionally this possibility to fail created me insecurities and self-doubts, however I understood that by working alongside this charismatic coaches I was training to fail, and that by only understanding how to fail I can create perfection.

So, by following the guidance of this charismatic coaches lead me to a process of daily searching and significant daily live experiences, lead me to discover the meaning of adaptations to different needs and desires. I found that the courage to adapt to individuals and assist others to succeed can be meaningful and can lead to optimal daily satisfactory results, I found the ability to discuss daily problems and resolved them so I can achieve better results with my swimmers. Certainly a charismatic coach can provide swimmers with an ambient that will continuous challenge individuals to find solutions and set up a notion to higher performance standards. At the end of the day charismatic coaches deliver a decision making system that can create excellence and better swimmers in a way that is not only physical but also mental and signifies improvement in all features of their swimmers.

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