Alex’s mission is to improve individual or team attitudes and make personal goals not only attainable but also fun for all through a specific integrated training program. He specializes in problem solving, underscored with a strong work ethic and commitment. His mission is to offer a long-term service that will optimize long term performance with the intelligent application of science and creativity.

When daily activities are steady the atoms and molecules are in constant motion and create a state to drive us forward suggesting that every one of us has hidden abilities and strengths.

Alex can promote everyone’s hidden talents and unleash their unlimited energy so everyone can reach optimal performance. He can offer an expert integrated training services with the characteristic of precision that are based on his extended professional level education in exercise physiology, performance nutrition and strength and conditioning.


Upon retiring as an international swimmer 13 years ago, Alex has gained substantial experience working as a swimming, strength & conditioning coach, and exercise specialist in different parts of the world. Following the completion of a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. He was able to combine his passion for science and strength & conditioning by working as a high-level exercise specialist. He has trained elite Olympic and professional athletes, disability swimmers and people that simply wanted to change their lifestyle.


· Masters of Sports Science Physiology (Roehampton University, London)
· Bachelors of Honours Applied Kinesiology (University of Illinois at Chicago)
· KBT Strength and Conditioning Coach
· UKCC Level 3 Senior swimming coach
· Performance Nutrition


Exercise Physiology
Exercise programming
Strength and Conditioning


Alex constantly attempts for better performances, he seeks to improve his training experience, qualifications and skills by always using the latest and innovative training practices. He tries to present his athletes with new and creatives ideas and individually planned training sessions that will lead to prime performances. Alex’s training system is clear and easy to understand and integrates all the recent research on sports science, exercise programming and sports nutrition.

Alexander Marinof is an exercise specialist that has spent much of his life as an international swimmer, coach, exercise physiologist and sport scientist .

Alex through the years has worked in the United states, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Greece. He has been training highly decorated Olympic and professional athletes and improving athletic performances of kids, juniors, masters and disability competitors. He is specialized high performance training expert with number of different programs aimed at providing support to his customers in chasing their goals and dreams.

With education to enhance your knowledge, he uses specific training methods to help you gain results in short time frames. His services are tailored to individuals and teams, who wish to achieve optimal performance. He can provide you with a unique integrated programs focusing on Physiology, Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition.