Consultancy , Assessment & Support

Consultancy, assessment & support

Complete sport science support can be provided to every athlete and training group by using specific tests that were carefully selected for all athletic development. Every athlete has different capacities and different individual needs that can affect individual performances, so a detailed sport science screening can provide a cutting edge training direction to coaches and athletes for performance optimization. Applying the sports science and putting it into daily training regimes and seasonal programming involves a process of performing precise sporting assessment methods and regimes at a high level. The quality and nature of the process will vary between athletes practicing different sports and also between athletes within the same sport.

The ideal plan to fit your needs

Once your specific individual needs have been identified, a detailed individual analysis of strengths and weaknesses and dynamite training plans that will enhance individual training and competition performance will be provided to you. Additionally, you will be measured and tracked throughout the course of the program to ensure that individual goals are achieved and that performance is stimulated.